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Magento Ecommerce

With our ecommerce development services we can help create cost saving implementations that are capable of sailing in features and customers at a minimal upfront cost and very rapid development.

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Analytics and Usability

Whether your trying to get perspective on your web presence footprint or an in depth understanding of your user base our Web Analytic Services are invaluable for a company interested about leveraging their online presence.

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Web Development

As technology and online community increases, so does the pool of potential brand promoters which can endorse and follow your growth. Let us help you create and promote your brand with web media and development.

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Recent Work

  • ToAdorn

    ToAdorn is a great example of our ability to design, develop, customize and optimize Magento. ToAdorn was previously running on an extremely slow WooCommerce platform from which we were able to export all products, customer and order data into their Magento storefront. We developed a completely responsive user interface with a custom developed daily deal system which can easily manage all vendor submitted deals from their administration panel.

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  • Kiss Me Mint

    When Kiss Me Mint contacted us, they had an unfortunate history of working with parasitic and unethical developers who had held them hostage through web hosting, domain control, and numerous development issues. We worked closely with them to develop an optimized Magento daily deal website with responsive design while adding custom functionality to help them become independent.

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  • Undercover Mama

    With a unique and innovative product like their nursing shirts, Undercover Mama contacted us to develop a unique and innovative website based off the Magento Ecommerce platform. We developed both a retail and wholesale website with custom product layouts, constant contact integration, and a myriad of other items to help increase conversion rates.

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  • Efoods Direct

    eFoodsDirect.com has been a pioneer in online fulfillment of personal home food storage for over a decade. They focus on a product that is natural for the best nutritional value possible.

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  • Zcapture

    Zcapture is a truly innovative product that allows its users to create stunning 360 product photography with ease. To match the innovation found In this product we produces a beautiful site that utilizes the most modern responsive layouts to support all mobile browsers in an optimized way. Feel free to check out this product and site as we are very proud of both.

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  • Smarter Building Tech

    When one of the leading building technology companies in the US, Smarter Building Tech, came to us needing an efficient ecommerce platform that would allow for a complex product catalog, we presented a Magento website with several customizations to allow for a high performing website. We provided several customizations including custom filtered navigation, product quoting system, and custom product management.

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  • Life Centre Athletic CLub

    Life Centre Athletic Club is a great high-end fitness facility and health club located in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. Life Centre had a site that was serving them well but didn't meet the needs that mobile users have and that did not allow them to showcase their offerings and facility adequately. By redesigning the site with responsive technology and a modern look and feel we were able to create a customized experience for all mobile devices and tablets as well as keep a classy look and feel for home computer users.

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  • Scentsationals

    Scentsationals is a great company to work with. When you walk into their offices you know exactly what they do just with one sniff. Our approach with scentsationals.com was to design a site that was modern and current in features and function yet still performs well. By using Magento and wordpress we were able to product a site that met their needs and liberated them to easily manage their online presence.

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Kiss Me Mint (kissmemint.com)

“We have dealt with 4 companies as far as outsourcing work for our website and I just have to say thank you SO much for the way you operate. There are so many people that don't do what they say they will do and you are the only company we have been able to count on so far. It is so nice to know how honest and quick you are to respond and we really appreciate that! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Online Operations, Kiss Me Mint

Undercover Mama (undercovermama.com)

“Working with NuEthic on development of our new website was awesome! Tony and Adam were both very knowledgeable and quick to answer all of our questions. When things came up, we always felt like we were #1 priority! Even after the site went live, they have answered all of our questions and were quick to help out. It's a pleasure to work with such a great team!”

Elena Leppard
Co-owner, Undercover Mama

The Late Stephen R. Covey

“I could not give a stronger recommendation regarding NuEthic. They are extremely competent while taking initiative and resourcefulness on their own to make good things happen. They also think creatively and comes up with new and better ways of doing things. They take full ownership of all tasks, completing all details in a punctual and competent and absolutely reliable manner.”

Stephen R. Covey
Vice Chairman, FranklinCovey
Bestselling Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

eFoodsDirect (efoodsdirect.com)

"NuEthic has been a key part of our site redesign and re-launch. They have been very dedicated to our requests and online marketing efforts while taking on a true ownership mentality of the work they produce. We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted web development and marketing partner."

Steve Shenk

Orson H. Gygi Company (gygi.com)

“NuEthic was able to bring the project from chaos to concept extremely fast but also very efficiently. The experience they offers about the web is very evident and very impressive to say the least. We are excited to bring our third project to NuEthic and hopefully many more.”

Adam Smith
Online Operations

Rockwell Shop (rockwellshop.com)

“NuEthic has been a literal god send with this project! We just wrapped up our second project with them and both projects were entire site developments that required both management and creative to make them happen. If I had to use on word to describe NuEthic, I would say TIRELESS! We couldn't be happier the results!”

Matt Smith
Online Marketing

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